Are you one of over 50% of denture wearers that can’t get their dentures clean using tablets? People of all ages want whiter teeth, but most denture wearers are still following the recommendation of their dentist from years ago.

If you haven’t visited your dentist in the last few years, you are not up to date on the fact that most dentists recommend:

Stain Away Plus® for Dentures and Plastic Partials

Kleenite®… for Metal Partials, Orthodontic Retainers and Dentures

DenturFit®… for a superior, Zinc Free Denture Adhesive


  380% More Effective Than Tablets


Stain Away Plus® Used by thousands of dentists in their offices because it is the most effective denture cleanser available. Guaranteed to remove years of stain and tartar buildup that tablets do not remove

Kleenite® Formulated safe for metal partials, orthodontic retainers and dentures.

DenturFit® The Zinc Free Denture adhesive cream. Satisfaction guaranteed, with a coupon savings program upon request.

Attention Denture Wearers