Stain Away Plus Testimonials


Thank you for you wonderful product. I have had dentures for over forty years & absolutely nothing has kept my denture clean until my dentist recommended your product.


I have to congratulate you on your Stain Away Plus. Have been fighting stains on my dentures for years being a coffee and tea drinker. This product is amazingly wonderful.


I am a smoker and hated the way my dentures looked. I am amazed at the whiteness of my dentures after using Stain Away Plus. Thanks.


I just had to write and tell you how excited I am to find you product. I have had dentures for 35 years and after using Stain Away overnight, they were totally Clean the next morning. Not only do they LOOK much better, the feel clean.


After years of looking for a denture cleanser to brighten my dentures, I have finally found it in Stain Away Plus. What a blessing it is after 54 years of wearing dentures.


I have been wearing dentures for 40 years and could never get them clean, even my dentist gave up trying. After finding your product, it is “Good bye Efferdent and welcome Stain Away Plus”.


Just a quick note to tell you how thoroughly delighted I am with your Stain Away Plus. I am thrilled. Thank you for such a terrific product.


I have used a lot of denture cleaners and have never found one as GREAT as Stain Away Plus. My dentures are 47 (yes, 47) years old and they haven’t looked this good since the day I got them. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!


Kleenite Testimonials from Orthodontists

Our patients have been asking for a product that really works.

Thank you for the Kleenite. Our patients really like it.

We give each retainer/deband appointment a packet with instructions.

My patients love the concept of using your product, Kleenite.

Thank you for your great product/samples.

Great product.

Good feedback from patients.

Even staff like this cleaner better than other brands.

Patients like your product. Thanks.

Patients we have given samples to, love the product.

Patients love the product, Kleenite.

We love to share it with patients and let them experience (its) advantages.

Kids love using Kleenite on thier retainers. Makes them smell good.

Works well on ortho appliances.

This product is great!

We put retainer cleaner in all our bags.

Having samples makes it easier to discuss care and cleaning.

Well received. Very fabvorable.

Anxious to promote a good product for this problem.

Kleenite is the best!

Our patients need a good product like this.

Works great. We would like to give one to each retainer patient.

I would like to get my patients used to Kleenite.

Great product. Use for “invisible” also.

Useful for sleep apnia appliances also.

We like the refreshing taste Kleenite leaves on appliances.

Patients are looking for a product like this.

Excellent patient response.

Thanks for the great product.

Kleenite is wonderful.

We like to give a sample to each new patient.

Patients love this product. It is a pleasure recommending Kleenite

We have patients ask us every day, “What’s a good retainer cleaner. Now we have an option and samples”.

My patients love Kleenite

Thanks. Our patients enjoy Kleenite and comment how excellent the product is

We recommend it (Kleenite) to all our patients

Patients love it

Excellent product

Patients love Kleenite

Wonderful product

Great stuff